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I felt I didn’t have what it takes, then I set my own path…

Are you fed up of being bossed around and want to set your own agenda and reclaim your freedom?
Do you wonder how you could unleash your full potential to stand out and make a real impact in the world?
What about building a profitable business you’re passionate about?

Now, you might be thinking: “Yes, I want all of this, but only a chosen few ever manage to do that. I’m not one of them.”

I used to think that. I was craving freedom, I knew I could be much more than what I was giving to the world. But I felt trapped.

Trapped by responsibilities, bills to pay and a career path I was on. I felt stuck in the wrong place, wasting my time. And I wasn’t sure I could get out.

Thank goodness, I came to my senses.

I finally took control of my life. I decided I would set my own path and follow it, no matter what.

I used to be confused. I would let other people’s agenda dictate my actions and priorities. Now, I follow my agenda and stay focused on building the life I want.

With the right strategy, plan and actions, you too can become one of the chosen few. Are you up for it?

I’m Antoine Ribordy, I’m the founder of Dream Set Achieve.

Antoine Ribordy

Here I show starting entrepreneurs like you how they can build a fast growing business around their passion and lead a unique lifestyle that they control.

How do I do it?

By challenging common wisdom and encouraging strategic and exponential thinking.

You want an example?

Common wisdom says the chosen few who get noticed have great talent, brilliant ideas and strong willpower. They just have what it takes naturally.

The truth is successful people didn’t come out of nowhere. They took consistent action, stayed focused and built the right habits into their lives. And they failed multiple times before meeting success.

Focus, habits and strategic action make all the difference. And it all adds up.

This is a method I follow. I’ve kept writing blog posts here every week or so for months, even though I was not getting much traction at first. In the end, I got results, with guest posts published on TinyBuddha, ThoughtCatalog and PicktheBrain.

At the same time, I consistently honed my skills in psychology, neuroscience, personal development, business strategy and entrepreneurship. I stayed focused on growth and over a year, I read more than 90 books, completed 3 Coursera courses and listened to hundred of podcasts in those domains.

In the end, I drastically improved my expertise in these areas so I can help you on your journey towards freedom.

The best part? With the right method, I could do all this while on a full time job.

Now, you too can create a unique lifestyle for yourself and build a fast growing business.

If you want to get ahead of the pack and create a life that will inspire others, grab your free No-excuse Action Plan below and get started.

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