Set Your Own Path and Make a Real Dent in the Universe!

The purpose of Dream Set Achieve is to help you build a fast growing business around your passion and lead a unique lifestyle that you control. Here I challenge common wisdom and encourage strategic and exponential thinking.

You have come to the right place if any of the statements below apply to you:

  • You want freedom and an exciting lifestyle but don’t know where to start and what path you should follow
  • You lead a boring life and feel you’re wasting your life away
  • You’re tired of being bossed around and want to set your own agenda
  • You want to build a profitable business you’re passionate about
  • You’ve got bold dreams you’re ready to pursue
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Why Dream Set Achieve?


  • I’m frustrated seeing so many people letting their life waste away in boring jobs when they could stand up, unleash their full potential and become inspiring leaders
  • Everyone and not just a minority deserves a shot at a unique lifestyle. I’m here to challenge the status quo and inspire ambitious people to take action
  • Growing and learning is fundamental to our existence. My goal is to fuel the desire for growth in others
  • My mission is to build a community of ambitious entrepreneurs who can leverage exponential thinking to make a real dent in the universe. Dream Set Achieve is the materialization of this quest


About Antoine Ribordy

Antoine RibordyI’m the founder of Dream Set Achieve.

I’m passionate about learning, strategic thinking and discovering the power of the mind. I’m a gamer and fantasy fan with an alternative background. I’m an opinionated dreamer who strongly values freedom.

My mission is to show ambitious people how to unleash their full potential, set their own path and lead a unique lifestyle that they control. Coming from a scientific background, I favor a no-nonsense approach to life and building simple and intuitive systems that anyone can follow.

Exploration has been a defining factor in my life. I dabbled into literature in high school, but then changed direction to get an engineering degree.

Also in my professional life, I kept exploring. After a few years in an R&D position, I moved abroad, to a sales job. My work routine changed from being in the office every day to commuting between 2 countries every week.

I’m the author of Buying a Mac without breaking the Bank and an active blogger on dreamsetachieve.com.

The skills I’ve honed over the year are planning, setting goals and following through. I have learned to stay focused, clear headed and composed under high pressure.

Recently, I’ve read countless books, listened to hundred of podcasts and took several courses to build up my knowledge of psychology, neuroscience, strategy, business and entrepreneurship. So I can guide others on their journey to freedom and a unique lifestyle.

I believe in the amazing potential of the mind to imagine anything and making it happen.