Set Your Own Path

Set Your Own Path 101

Are you someone who sets their own path or do you prefer to walk the beaten track?

Are you a people-pleaser or are you ready to ruffle some feathers to make a difference?

If you’ve reading this, you must be ready to set your own path. Which means you’re willing to take some risks and displease a few people as you go your own way.

But, are you really committed to your path? Let’s find out.

This resource page is about choosing your journey and staying the course.

And there’s four parts to it. Each part will challenge your position and thinking.

By the end of it, you’ll have a clear understanding of what it means to set your own trail. You’ll have clear signposts you can follow, if you’re still up for it then.

Set Your Own Path 101

Here’s the program:

1. How to stop following and take control of your life
Accept that fitting in is not what you want and have the courage to take charge and pursue your unique journey.

2. Be the boss of your life!
Take responsibility for your life and achieve epic feats.

3. Stop spinning plates: get your priorities right!
De-clutter your life so you can stay focused on what matters to you.

4. The art of impactful living: focus on your strengths
Why you’ve got to focus on your strengths to make an impact and how you can get it done.

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